Shake Tree Diner (takeout) 온라인 예약

【New Year's Holidays】
▶~12/27 Regular Business Hours: 11:00~20:30 (L.O.20:00)
▶12/28 Closed
▶12/29~12/30 Short opening hours: 11:00~15:00 (L.O.14:30)
▶12/31~1/3 To Go only 11:00~15:00 (L.O.14:30)
▶1/4~ Regular business hours (11:00~20:30 (L.O.20:00)) *Open from Monday to Monday, January 10th.

【Customers Placing To-Go Orders】
▶ Pickup location is at the restaurant.
You'll need to provide your name and reservation ID when you pick up your order.
▶ Please select 1 in "Party Size” and the date and time you would like to pick up your order.
We accept VISA and Mastercard.
▶ We may call you regarding your order.
▶ Fresher’s better. Please enjoy your order as soon as possible.
▶ Utensils are not included.

Shake Tree Diner - Access & Info: 03-6658-8017

【To-Go Cancellation Policy】
▶ Cancellations and changes to orders must be made by 23:59 on the day before the pickup date. If you wish to cancel or modify your order after that, please call the restaurant directly at 03-6658-8017
▶ If To Go orders are not picked up within 30 minutes of the scheduled pickup time, and we cannot reach you, we will consider your order canceled.

〈To-Go Cancellation Fee〉
Cancellations on the day of the event (including changes to the reservation date or order details, and cancellations without prior notice) will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

【Customers Purchasing Merchandise】
▶If you only want to sell goods, please select "1" for the number of people, the next day for the date (or the day after if the next day is Tuesday), and the time of your choice. (Your choice of date and time has no effect on the delivery date and time.)
▶The only delivery option for merchandise is shipping. If you’d like to pick up your merchandise order, please call Shake Tree Diner at 03-6658-8017 before placing your order.
▶We have limited quantities of each item in stock. If you see an item but you can’t select a quantity, that means the item is sold out. If you’d like us to let you know when the item is back in stock, please call Shake Tree Diner at 03-6658-8017. Please note not all items will be restocked.
▶Merchandise Related Policies appear at the bottom of this page. Please review and agree to them to complete your order.

【Merchandise Cancellation Policies】
▶We do not accept any cancellations or returns.

〈Merchandise Cancellation Fees〉
After orders have been placed, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged for order modifications, refusal of the delivery or if the shipment is deemed undeliverable.


Do you have any food allergies we should be aware of?
If you are purchasing merchandise, please type the shipping address and postal code here, including the street number, building name, and room number, if applicable.
If you are placing a To-Go order, please type “N/A”

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