Hana-Goyomi Japanese Restaurant Takeout/ Swissotel Nankai Osaka 온라인 예약

▶You can order a combination of multiple products.
▶Please place your order by 8pm on December 22nd.
▶Changes cannot be made after the reservation is made. If you wish to change your reservation, please cancel and reschedule your reservation.
▶The store may contact you to confirm your reservation details.

For inquiries by phone: 06-6646-5127 For inquiries by email: hanagoyomi.osaka@swissotel.com


If you have any ingredients that you dislike or are allergic to, please write them down.
If you would like the item to be delivered, please enter the delivery address. Also, delivery is only available within Japan.
If you would like delivery, please select a payment method. If you would like to make an advance payment, we will send you instructions on where to make the payment via email at a later date.

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