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The latest sales information will also be announced on Facebook . ✽ Regular holiday in June: Monday ✽ Regular holiday after the second week in July: Sunday, 1st, 3rd and 5th Mondays Information will be provided at the following times and contents. ✽ Business hours Dinner time 18:00~19:30 (LO) Saturday lunch time 11:30~12:00 (LO) *Lunch in June and July is already full. *Some of the dinner business days in June are open at 17:00. ✽Haute couture course: 13,800 yen (10% service charge and 10% tax not included) ✽ For the time being, reservations can be made up to one month in advance. You can order delicious food for a limited time from ▶ ✽ Click here ✽ . Domestic nationwide shipping possible If you would like to take out, you can order from a single item. Click here for the reception-only site. Please enter the invitation code. picks-kvhbtzivtv We take the following measures to prevent infectious diseases. Limited number of reservation groups and total number of people We have secured more seats than usual. At the entrance Alcohol spray Installation and first Anti-virus hand towel Please use. The restroom Non-contact type hand soap and alcohol spray We have installed. Also Thoroughly wash hands when entering and leaving staff, thoroughly measure temperature before going to work, penalize violators, conduct bicycles and off-peak commuting Regularly disinfect alcohol in the store I am doing. We appreciate your understanding. Reservation from this reservation site. * If you are waiting for cancellations that do not correspond to telephone reservations, please register on the waiting list at the following site. ★Click here for details★ ※Changes to those who have already booked, additional requests or questions about details ※For reservations and consultations of 4 people or more, please email. sincere.201604@gmail.com </red> ▶We are accepting persons aged 12 and over, including companions, and 2 to 4 people. ▶Dinner reservation acceptance period Until the same day one month ahead (Reservation start time is 0:00) Dinner closed every Monday ▶ Lunch reservations accepted Start reservation for the next month at 10:00 on the first day of every month Lunch business is available Saturdays only 11:30-12:00 (LO) ▶Cancellation within 2 days from the reservation of meals will be charged for the total amount of food for the number of people, and 50% will be charged as cancellation fee within 3 days from the reservation. ▶Separate service charge of 10% for dinner and 5% for lunch.


何もない場合は なし とご記入ください。

例: 本人 蕎麦アレルギー 
   同伴者女性① 生のバラ科フルーツアレルギー
(火が入ったものはOK) 生牡蠣が苦手 他の貝類は苦手なし
   同伴者女性② 生のエビカニアレルギー 



例:2023年1月1日○○様予約で同席・今回予約4名中、私を含む4名中2名はその際に同席(2回目) 他2名は初来店

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例 「Happy birthday お名前」 等

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Kata laluan tidak boleh mengandungi sebahagian daripada E-mel.
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