Tempah di SUSHI ORI [Takeaway]

▶ Same-day reservations are available 2 hours before arrival time only.

▶︎ If you would like to make a reservation for over 10 people, please make the reservation 24 hours before the booking day.

▶︎ Please make the payment in advance if you prefer to pay by credit card.

▶︎ Please make the payment on-site if you prefer to pay in cash.

▶ We are not accepting any changes after reservation. If there are any changes in reservation, please cancel the previous reservation and make a new reservation. (Refer to cancellation policy)

▶ Please contact the restaurant directly if you have any request that is not on the menu. Please note that there are cases in which we decline your request.

▶ If you have any request, please write in the following column below.
ex.) No wasabi for 1 person.
ex.) We want 5 person’s sushi on one big plate.

▶︎We do not use any delivery service such as Grab.

Sushi Ori 📞 03-2110 0068



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