✅This is a dedicated page for pick-up reservations at stores. Please click here to make a reservation for product delivery.
▶Since changes cannot be made after a reservation has been made, please cancel and make a new reservation. Please note that even if we process the refund, it may take some time before the actual refund is processed.
▶Please note that if you are late for more than 1 hour from the designated time without contacting us, it will be automatically canceled and we will not be able to refund you.
▶Please note that we cannot pack multiple products in one box for products sold as a set.
▶Please issue a receipt at TableCheck after completing the pre-payment. Not issued in stores.
▶Regarding cancellation, we will charge the price of the reserved product as a cancellation fee as follows, counting from the time of reservation (visit). 24 hours before the reservation time ~ 100%
▶Reservation rules Reservation start date: Every Sunday at 10:30, one week from Monday the week after next Reservation deadline: Until 15:00 the day before all products (As soon as the reservation frame is filled Closed sequentially)
Inquiries by phone: 03-6416-3940


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