Reserve em TOM Curiosa

▶About reservation
·We may not be able to respond to seat selection.
·In case of reservation with more than 5 people please contact directly to the store.
·Please contact us directly if there is a change in reservation contents.

▶About cancellation
·We will confirm your reservation confirmation 3 days before the reservation date. Please note that if you can not confirm by 2 days prior to the appointment date we will cancel it.
①On April 5(Fri) reservation
Until 22 o'clock on April 3(Wed)
②On April 8(Mon) reservation
Until 22 o'clock on April 5(Fri)(because 7th is Sunday for a holiday)
·Cancellation policy.
※Cancellation on the day of reservation
100% of course fee
※Cancellation before the reservation date
50% of course fee

▶About inquiries
We are open from 17:00-21:00 so it is hard to answer the phone. Please understand.

※Please be sure to contact us atfor cancellation of your reservation.


If you have allergic ingredients, please fill in.
* Customers without allergic ingredients should write [None].
Please inform us of the purpose of visiting us.
※ You can choose more than one.
※ Customers who selected <anniversary> with question 2
If you wish to use the message plate on an anniversary, please write the contents of the message.

Detalhes do Convidado

Senha é demasiado pequeno (o mínimo é de 6 caracteres)
Senha é muito fraca
Senha não coincide com a confirmação
Sua reserva não está completa até que seja confirmada na próxima página.