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【Information on Payment Methods】
Please be kindly informed that complete cashless system has been introduced in the restaurant from Aug 1st, 2023. Cash is unacceptable. Please pay by credit card, e-money or with available QR code payments. Your kind understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

※Reservation for terrace table is unacceptable. Please visit with walk-in use if necessary.
※Reservations for private room (up to 8) and semi-private room (up to 12) are accepted by phone.

・ Please note that tables cannot be specified.
・ About reservations above 11 people and chartered uses , please contact us at the restaurant or by phone.
・No smoking allowed on the premises.
・ Please note that menu contents and prices may change depending on conditions.
・ If crowded, tables may be limitedly available for 2 hours.
・ 10% service fee will be charged after 5pm.

☏: +81 3 5962 9909
12 anos ou abaixo
3 anos ou abaixo


▶ If you have food allergies or specific requests about meals, please fill the details in the REQUESTS below. Please also fill in the details if there is any ingredient you don't like, including cooking methods. (for example, raw NG but cooked OK ).
Please be kindly informed that we may not respond to customers with severe or multiple allergens or requests on that day.

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