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▶ Please note that we may not be able to meet your request regarding seat selection. ▶ Please be sure to contact us if the reservation time is over 30 minutes. ▶ Lunch reservations are until 12:00. Please come directly to the store after 12:00. ▶ If you have a reservation for 8 people or more or have any questions, please contact the store directly. ▶ * The 10% off service for food and drink by presenting the coronavirus vaccination certificate has ended. Please acknowledge it beforehand. ▶ Family dinner promotion will be held from August 19th (Friday) to 28th (Sunday), 2022 for dinner time only. 50% off cooking for children (high school students and younger) Reservations are required up to 2 days in advance. Please make a reservation for 2 or more people. We offer 50% off the cooking fee for 1 child (high school student or younger) for up to 3 people, and for up to 2 people for 4 or more people. * Dinner course, a la carte, and kids plate are eligible. Inquiries by phone: 088-626-2222 Today's menu can be viewed on Agnes Cafe Instagram. The menu is updated every Monday-it changes every week from Sunday to Sunday. Agnes Cafe Instagram Anniversary, Birthday, etc. Whole cake order [Agnes Pastry Boutique Online Shop] Click here to order whole cake Click here to order takeout
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If you have allergies or foods that you are not good at, please list them. If not, please write "None".
If you would like a child chair, please list it.
If you would like a message on the dessert plate, such as anniversaries and birthdays, please write it. Also, please tell the staff on the day of the customer who is eligible for the message plate.

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