Забронируйте в Garden Pool - Hilton Tokyo Bay

The “Visitor Plan” is the ideal option for those who want to enjoy the outdoor Garden pool on a day trip. Reservations are required for the “Visitor Plan” to secure your deckchair. Operating hours vary depending on the day, please reserve your preferred date and time slot. If you’ve already booked a Garden pool room package, pool admission is included in your plan, and there’s no need to make a separate reservation for the “Visitor Plan.” For an even more relaxing experience, consider upgrading to the “VIP Sofa Seat” for an additional fee.

■ Period
June 28 (Fri) - September 30 (Mon), 2024
* Operations may be cancelled without notice due to inclement weather conditions.
* Close on July 6 (Sat), September 14 (Sat), and 16 (Mon) for private function.
* Free car parking for up to 5 hours included.

■ BUSINESS HOURS / Pool hours vary depending on the period of the year.
Period 1: June 28 (Fri) - July 11 (Thu) / September 2 (Mon) - September 30 (Mon)
Day Pool 10:00 to 16:00 (Last entry 15:00)

Period 2: July 12 (Fri) - September 1 (Sun)
Day Pool Part 1: 8:00 to 12:00 (Last entry 11:00)
Day Pool Part 2: 12:30 to 17:00 (Last entry 16:00)

Night Pool Operating Period: July 26 (Fri) - September 1 (Sun)
Night Pool 18:00 to 21:00 (Last entry 20:00)

■ Cancellation policy
・ No cancellation fee if you contact us by the day before
・ 50% of the plan fee if you contact us on the day
・ 100% of the plan fee in case of cancellation without contact

■ Charge for Children
Guests aged 6 years and above are considered as adults, please indicate the number of adults when making a reservation. Children 5 years old and under can enter for free when sharing the deckchair with parent(s). If the children who aged 5 years old and under need a deckchair, please book as adults.

■ VIP Sofa Seats
* Please make a reservation for “Garden pool room package” or “Visitor Plan” in advance, and you can upgrade VIP Sofa Seat from the deckchair for an additional fee.
* The premium round sofa seats are only available during night pool slot. Please note the VIP Sofa Seats are not available.

Please contact us for more details - TEL: +81-47-355-5000


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