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[Information on business hours]・Tea time|11:00~17:30 (Last order 17:00) ・Bar time|17:30~24:00 (Last order food 22:00・drink 23:30) ▶Reservation for 7 people or more Please contact us by phone if you would like to ▶ All restaurants and bars are non-smoking. Smoking areas are available on the 1st floor outside the building and on the 2nd floor inside the building. ▶Seats cannot be assigned. Please note. ▶If you are more than 30 minutes late for your reservation without contacting us, your reservation may be automatically cancelled. Please be sure to contact the store for cancellations and changes in the number of people. ▶Please note that online reservations cannot be combined with accommodation package plans. ▶ [Hotel parking lot free for 3 hours] Customers using the hotel should bring the parking ticket to the restaurant. *All photos are images. * Menu contents and prices are subject to change without notice depending on the season and availability. Please note. ⚠For customers using on Sundays Naha Kokusai Street [Pedestrian Heaven (Transit Mile) *12:00-18:00] is held every Sunday, and it is possible to enter the hotel by car only in some sections. For details, please be sure to check the information at the following URL. Access method during transit mile event on Sunday ******************************** 4F Bar & Lounge Diverty Do (direct) 098-860-8846 ★ Click here for restaurant information★
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