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Reservation ● Please select one course from one group from "Ingredients set course" "Table seat reservation course" "Weekday limited lunch course". ● 《Ingredients set course》 《Weekday limited lunch course》 * Reservation up to 2 days prior to use ・ All-in-one course with BBQ recommended ingredients and seat fee 2 hours ● 《Table seat reservation course》 * Reservation until the day before use Please purchase various ingredients and drinks at the "Fresh Cheap Market!" On the 1st floor.・ Seat reservation is 500 yen per person per hour, minimum charge is 2,000 yen per table per hour ● Seat (We are taking thorough measures against corona such as limited number of people. Please check website for details) ・ 1 table adult 4 people recommended (minimum 4 people ~ maximum 5 people), 1 group 1 table. Terrace seats set up a retractable tent, authentic BBQ grill using ingredients available America Weber, Inc. is also in the rain, - ingredients with respect to drink, bringing beverages have refused food hygiene.・ Please purchase at "Fresh Cheap Market!" On the 1st floor.・ Beverages are also available on the 3rd floor. Please check the menu below.・ Advance reservations are required for the option menus "Sashimi-no-Funamori" and "Pizza" by the day before. Others We will keep the credit card information at the time of booking, but please pay at the store on the day. In the unlikely event of a cancellation fee, please pay from this card. (Debit cards not accepted) ・ As a measure against the new corona, only one table per group can be used.・ Underage drinking is strictly prohibited.・ Because it may be a nuisance to the local residents, it is prohibited to make a loud noise, make a quick call, or tighten the bottle.・ If you violate any of the above after using the service, you may be asked to leave. At that time, the price of the table etc. cannot be refunded.・ Our store is a complete self-service store. After BBQ, please sort the garbage and put it in the trash. The usage time includes cleaning up such as throwing away trash. Contact us by phone: 075-341-2872
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