Đặt bàn tại Azumi Setoda

[About Reservations]
This webpage is for restaurant-use reservations only.
For accomodation, please visit the Azumi Setoda Official Website.
Guests will be seated in the same dining area.

◆ Children 12 years of age and under are not permitted in Azumi Setoda restaurant.

◆ We have 2 private rooms that can accommodate up to 6 people. However, we may not be able to fulfill specific seating requests.

◆ For groups of 7 or more people, please contact us directly at the email address listed below.

◆ All seats are non-smoking. The smoking area is located outside of the building.

[Change Reservation]
◆ If you are unable to modify your reservation online, please contact us at the email address below. If you are running late, please call us at [+81 (0)845-23-7911] or email to hold your table for up to 20 minutes. Failure to notify us of a delay may result in cancellation.
The phone number is also cited below in this section.

<<Please call us on the phone for amendments on the day of reservation>>

[About Your Visit]
◆ For parking information, please refer to this PDF file.

Mail: fb@azumi.co
Tel: +81 (0)845-23-7911

Yêu cầu

If you have any food restrictions, please inform us in advance, and click [Other] to add the details as example.

George : Egg Allergy It's okay when it's cooked.
Hanako : Shrimp Allergy Stock is also restricted.
Everyone : Peanuts allergy (light degree). A small amount is fine.

<We cannot serve vegan dishes>
<Requests for severe or/and several allergies and restrictions cannot be granted>
Please let us know how to get there.
(Example: car, taxi, ferry, on foot, etc.)
If there are children accompanying, please enter their age.

Chi tiết Khách

Mật khẩu quá ngắn (tối thiểu 8 ký tự)
Mật khẩu quá yếu
Mật khẩu Phải có ít nhất một chữ in hoa, một chữ thường, một số, và một biểu tượng.
Mật khẩu không được chứa một phần của Email.
Mật khẩu không khớp với xác nhận