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<<Notice of Business Resumption from June 1>> Depending on the future policy of Tokyo, the business form and business hours may change. As a measure against corona, we are avoiding "dense/close/closed" and are implementing the following measures so that our customers can use it with peace of mind. -Avoid airtightness-Provide ventilation recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare-Avoid closeness/crowding-Avoid closeness/crowding by reducing the number of tables and seats Seats that endeavor to provide guidance to a table that is as wide as possible even with a small number of people Placement of seats should be as close as possible to each other, and it is recommended to sit side by side or staggered seats-Avoid closeness-When a staff member asks for an order at a table, keep a distance from customers-Avoid closeness-Cashier counter Protective installation for splash infection-Avoidance of airtightness-Opening of private room door (free of charge for private room for the time being)-Avoidance of closeness/crowding-Tables, chairs and menus are regularly wiped with disinfectant at the time of accounting , Cash trays will be used to collect cash and cards when the corresponding employees wear gloves. Disinfection of ballpoint pens, etc. Request for customers to disinfect with alcohol when entering the store ■ Cuisine EST Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine with French techniques and enjoy sophisticated cuisine. The interior of the store has a stylish design with "ART & RICH" as the design concept. All tables have a view out of the window. Enjoy a relaxing meal at the spaciously laid out table. ■Dining & Bar Ovest Lunch is a great course where you can enjoy casual Italian food, and Dinner is prepared with various a la carte dishes that go well with the course and alcohol. At bar time, spend a relaxing time with the night view from 100m above the ground. ★Please select your store from the categories below. ★ Online reservations are accepted 24 hours before the requested time. If you want to book a private room "SALA" that can accommodate up to 12 people or for reservations for more than 12 people, please call 03-3980-1111 (representative of the hotel) to the restaurant ★Children You are also welcome to enter the store. A la carte or children's plate (for ages 4 to 6) is available. *If you would like to order whole cakes, please call us 5 days in advance. *Bouquets are not available at this time. *Please note that we may not be able to meet your request regarding seat selection. *Menu items may change depending on the availability of ingredients. *Please let us know your food allergies and the purpose of your meal (birthday, entertainment, etc.). * 100% cancellation fee will be charged if you do not contact us on the day of the event * If you do not contact us after 30 minutes or more from the reservation time, we will cancel
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Are you allergic?
If you answered yes to question 1, please provide details of the allergy.
・ Number of people
・ Specific allergic ingredients (Please fill in as much detail as possible)
・ Please describe the allergy level. (Example)
If one of the three people is included in crustacean allergy soup or sauce, we would like to change it etc. * It may take some time if it is an offer on the day

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