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Mei-eki, 3-26-1, Nagoya, Naka-ku, Aichi
Near Nagoya station, Izakaya with an Edo period concept
Store interior with an old Japanese-style house feel

Our shop is inspired by an Edo period Soba restaurant, the interior uses wood like an old Japanese-style house and it has a warm relaxing ambiance. Also, you can sit by the latticed windows so you can have some privacy with natural light from outside. Aside from the usual seats and tables, we also have a small room that you can use for all sorts of situations like a date or business entertainment.

Store with food and drinks you can't resist

This store has a "Eat as you drink" theme, so there are a lot of side dishes in the menu. The dried squid and dried sardines are cooked in a genuine charcoal brazier. For the alcoholic drinks, there's of course sake, shochu made with taro, barley & soba. You can also enjoy rare drinks like the brown cane sugar shochu and chestnut shochu. This is a store that drinkers won't be able to resist!

Committed to a menufull of Soba dishes

Since we have an edo period Soba restaurant concept, we specialize on dishes that use Soba flour. Aside from baked miso snacks, during winter the highlights of our menu are the Sukinabe with duck meat and special soup with a wheat sauce base. Naturally, soba served on a small wicker tray, hot soba and the soba dish itself are on the menu and are usually ordered to be eaten last.

Izakaya (Japanese Tavern), Soba Noodles, Nabe (Japanese Hotpot)
~ ¥2,000
¥3,000 ~ ¥5,000
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Mei-eki, 3-26-1, Nagoya, Naka-ku, Aichi

5 minutes walk (341m)

Kokusai Center Station

5 minutes walk (341m)

Meitetsu Nagoya Station

5 minutes walk (375m)

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