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Rio Grande Grill Ikspiari

1-4 Maihama, 2F, Urayashu-shi, Chiba
The sight of the Churrasco will make your mouth water
Specializing in Churrasco, true tastes of Brazil found here

An impressive facade welcomes you into a bright, energetic ambience. A wall decorated stylishly with black & white photography of Samba girls in glamorous silver frames takes you to a different ambience. Let the scents and scene give you a glimpse of Brazil.

Meat & seafood served on skewers. Choose your serving.

Brazil's authentic dish, Churrasco. The staff will come to your table with meat & seafood skewers and slice your preferred amount. Choose from a variety of approximately 15 types of skewers. For the weekday lunch platter, plenty of steaks and grilled dishes available. Colorful salads and Feijoada also provided. For dinner, you will experience an even richer version of Churrasco.

Selected drinks provided to accompany your dishes

Variety of drinks provided to suit your dishes, ranging from wines, beers, whiskeys and fruity cocktails. The Samba music playing in the background will add a festive thrill to your dining experience. Non-alcoholic beverages also provided.

Brazilian, Steak, Meat
¥2,000 ~ ¥4,000
¥3,000 ~ ¥5,000
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Rio Grande Grill Ikspiari

1-4 Maihama, 2F, Urayashu-shi, Chiba

2 minutes walk (59m)

Maihama Station

3 minutes walk (212m)


3 minutes walk (212m)

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