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♦There is a cancellation policy for reservations of 6 people or more.
-Please note that 50% of the meal fee will be charged for cancellations or changes in the number of people 3 days before the reservation, and 100% will be charged for cancellations or changes in the number of people 2 days before or later.

♦For reservations of 10 people or more, please contact the restaurant <0980-88-7111>.

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! ! ! Time sale in progress ! ! !
SALTIDA (Bay Wing F1) A gem of a hotel dinner "Ishigakijima Grill & Roast Buffet"

〇Affordable plans are available only for a limited number of groups per day! 〇

【Sales period】5/18-6/30
【Reservation period】7/1-7/31
【Reservation time】 17:00 / 20:00
*Sales will end as soon as stock runs out*
12 years and under
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