Book at Maizuru Park BBQ GARDEN

■Business hours
11:00 to 21:30 (Last order until 21:00)
*Seats are limited to 2 hours

■Number of people per site

[Table site] 1 site capacity 8 people
[Sofa site] 1 site capacity 6 people
[Lounge site] 1 site capacity 6 people (sites can be connected)

<Please note>
If you make a reservation with more people than the above capacity, or if the number of people exceeds the capacity after booking, the number of sites you use will automatically increase.

*The number of children is counted as the number of elementary school students and above. Preschool children (less than elementary school) are not included in the above number limit.
*Therefore, for the number of "children" below, please select the number of children of elementary school age or older.
*Please fill in the number of preschool children in "Question 3 to customers" below.

■Regarding reservations for groups of 31 people or more
For inquiries, please contact the following store phone number or use the form below.

■Cooperation with infectious disease countermeasures
If your body temperature is 37.5℃ or higher, we will refuse entry to the store. Please refrain from traveling between sites.

☎: 080-6693-7025 [Phone hours: 10:30-20:00]
12 years and under


If there are preschool children (less than elementary school students), please select the number of children.
(For the number of children over elementary school age, please select the number of children at the top.)

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