Book at THIERRY MARX / dining

◆Booking is possible until two month prior to the desired date.
◆Please contact us for reservation for more than 6 persons.
◆Regarding changing or cancelling your reservation, please notify us. (up to 2 days prior to the reservation date if the guests are coming from overseas)
◆Service charge and tax not included in the prices.
◆Over 13 years old children's is available at dinner time.
◆Customers using the last arrival time at 20:30 will be closed at 22:00, so please understand in advance.
◆Reservations for cafe time are not accepted.
Contact us:03-6280-6234

◆If you have any allegies or dislikes please inform us at the time of booking.
◆Please note that reservations for lunch on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are allowed to be made on a two-hour basis.
◆Please kindly note that Requests can be made for a particular table or area, but cannot guaranteed.


If you have any allegies or dislikes please inform us at the time of booking. Please specify the number of the guest with allergies.
E.g. One person is allergic to wheat.
If you used it by the name of the different reserved person previously, please inform the customer's name at that time. Would you please let me know when you visited us?
Also, please let us know if you are coming with us as well if you have ever visited us in the past.
Please fill in the 【Request column】 at the bottom of the page.
If you wish to request a message plate on anniversary etc. Please enter your message in the request column.

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