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[About food allergies]
In order to ensure that we are fully prepared to welcome you, please be sure to notify us of any food allergies when making your reservation. Depending on the content of the allergy, we may refuse to make a reservation in order to prioritize the safety of the customer. Please note that we do not change ingredients by request on the day.

[Notice of business hours]
We are currently open at the following hours.
Lunch 11:30-15:00 (14:00 LO)
Dinner 17:30-21:00 (20:00 LO)
※Closed from 15:00-17:30.
Please note that we may be temporarily closed.
For details, please check the store website or call.

[Private room]
Rouge (capacity) 6-12 people (room charge) 16,500 yen
Blanc (capacity) 4-8 people (room charge) 11,000 yen
Blue (capacity) 2-6 people (room charge) 11,000 yen
・separately We charge a private room fee (11,000 yen or 16,500 yen)
・We accept reservations online or by phone.

・If you are using online reservation for takeout only, please enter the number of people as one person.
・If you would like to order take-out when using the restaurant, please indicate so in the request column.
・Various discounts are not applicable.

・Dress code: Smart casual (please refrain from wearing shorts, running shirts, and sandals for men)
・Photos of food are for illustrative purposes only. Menu contents may change depending on the availability of ingredients.
・Regarding seat selection, we may not be able to meet your request.
・When making an online reservation, the restaurant may contact you to confirm the reservation.
・If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail ( or direct number (03-5220-0014).
12 years and under
5 years and under


A message plate can be attached to the dessert for birthdays and anniversaries. Please enter the message content (up to 20 characters) and the number of copies. Example) Happy Birthday 〇〇, Happy Wedding Anniversary, Congratulations on your marriage

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