Book at El Caliente (Shinagawa)

With due consideration for infection prevention.

[Private room reservation] A minimum charge is set (until 15:00: 11,000 yen / after 15:00: 44,000 yen)
* Preschoolers are not allowed to use
* Seat selection Please note that we may not be able to meet your request (* excluding private rooms).
* Strollers are not allowed in the seats. We will keep it at the store entrance.
* 10% of Koperto [seat fee] and midnight fee after 22:00 will be charged after 17:00.

■ Reservations from THE HUGE CLUB (restaurant membership point system) are also recommended ■
Membership registration is here
12 years and under
6 years and under


If you have allergic ingredients, please fill in.

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