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Reservation Process
①Fill in "number of people", and then "reservation status" will show up.
②Choose either "counter" or "private room" from Category.
③Choose your preferred date and time shown as available.

Reservation Terms & Conditions
▶Reservation is accepted through online reservation system.
▶11,000JPY as room charge will be additionally charged when reserving "private room".

Please kindly understand that cooking views cannot be seen from private room for it is a complete private room.
▶Course will be served with chef's selections. (about 10 dishes)
If you have any food allergies, please write down the details in REQUESTS below.
▶Dishes will start to be served all at once at the reserved time.
If you delay or leave in the middle, some dishes may not be served depending on situations. Please be sure to allow sufficient time to visit.

▶Please refrain from wearing perfume or other things with strong fragrances. (We may not able to let you enter depending on situations.)
▶Seats cannot be designated.
▶Please contact us if you need to change or cancel your reservation. If more than 20 minutes exceed the reserved time, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.
▶If it is full, timetable will not be shown even on business days. (When cancellations occur and seats become available, it will be shown again.)
▶Cancellation Policy
・Before 10 days: 30%
・Before 7 days: 50%
・Before 2days: 100%

(Cancellation fee will be deducted from the card entered when you make the reservation)

〈Restaurant Information〉
◆Number of seats: 8 at the counter, and 1 private room(up to 4).
*Please reserve by phone if you would like to make a reservation for more than 5 people.
◆Business hours: (from August, 2023)
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun: ①5pm ②8pm
Tue: ①6:30pm
Sat: ①12pm ②5pm ③8pm

(Doors open 10 minutes before the start time)
◆Closed days: Irregular
◆About child guest: Only children who can eat the same course as adults are allowed to enter.
◆Payment methods: In cash or by credit card
◆Brining alcohol in: Negative
◆Smoking: Negative
◆Service fee: 10% of total amount
◆Address: 1F, 4-27-7, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
◆Phone: +81 50 3164 9797 (available hours: 12pm - 5pm)
(Please kindly be informed that it may be difficult to contact us during an around business hours.)


✅Course is served with chef's selections.
If you (including your fellow guests) have any food allergies or special requests about food, please write down the details in REQUESTS below. (e.g. shrimp → raw NG, cooked OK) Please kindly be informed that we are unable to respond the requests made on the day.

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