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Thank you for visiting the coffee diary reservation form. Our reservation is basically "Reservations for seats only" becomes. *Reservations cannot be made for menu items such as fruit sandwiches and tiramisu. Please note that we cannot accept requests, comments, emails, etc. * Only supporters who have purchased [Reservation priority] rewards through crowdfunding will be able to make reservations up to 10 days later and the reservation selection column on the menu will be displayed. Elementary school students and younger children are not allowed to enter. Reservation reception is updated every morning at 5:00, and it is a system that can always be reserved up to 7 days later. Please note that you cannot make a reservation even if the schedule after 7 days is displayed.<br> In addition, we cannot make online reservations on the day, so please contact us by phone. You can choose either table seats or counter seats, but please note that you cannot specify the exact seat position. 1. Reservation Maximum 4 people It will be up to *However, there is only one table for four people, so if it is full, you cannot make a reservation. Please note that even if you reserve two seats for two people, it will not be one table. 2. Our store Only junior high school students and older can enter It's a shop. Please note that we do not allow children of elementary school age or younger to enter the store. (You cannot enter even if you are accompanied by an adult.) 3. Up to 90 minutes per group are available. Since our shop is mainly for drinks, One drink system Therefore, please note that it is mandatory to order at least one drink per person in 90 minutes per frame. In addition, it is OK to order only drinks. (It will be the number of cups for the number of people.) 4. "Wear a mask" is our dress code. In terms of consideration, concern, and infection prevention for other customers, Customers who do not wear a mask will be refused entry Let me do it. (Please note that we do not distribute masks at all. Please be sure to prepare your own.) 5. Internet environment such as Wi-Fi and power supply cannot be used Please understand that. Please note that we do not have a dedicated parking lot or bicycle parking lot. There are many coin parking lots nearby. We use table accounting. Cashless payment (credit, paypay, transportation electronic money, iD, Applepay, QUICPay, etc.) is also available. QR code payment can only be used with paypay. Please note that other QR code payments (d payment, Merpay, LINEpay, aupay, etc.) cannot be used at all.


Please check the number of people again. Up to 4 people are allowed. However, there is only one table for four people, so if it is full, you cannot make a reservation. * Only junior high school students and above can enter the store. Customers with children under elementary school age cannot enter the store.

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