Prenota a Coffee Nikki Yotsuya

The page you are viewing is currently being tested and cannot be reserved. Please be careful. 1. This is just after the state of emergency is lifted. Limited to Tokyo residents It is a reservation site of. Please note that we cannot accept reservations for people from other prefectures. (We are planning to release the limited areas one by one due to the decrease in the number of seriously ill people and the number of deaths.) When you come to the store, you can confirm your name and address. Presentation of (driver's license, health insurance card, etc.) Please be careful not to forget it. 2. Make a reservation Up to 2 people It will be up to. It is not possible to make detailed reservations other than the time zones set on the reservation site, so please be sure to make a reservation for up to 2 people as a group. 3. Customers over junior high school can enter the store, Please refrain from entering the store under elementary school age. (You cannot enter the store even if you are accompanied by an adult.) 4. Up to 90 minutes per pair I will use it. Our shop is One drink system Therefore, please note that it is mandatory to order at least one drink per person. You can order only drinks. 5. "Wearing a mask" is our dress code. In terms of consideration, concern, and infection control for other customers, Customers who cannot wear a mask are not allowed to enter the store Let me do it. (Please note that we do not distribute masks at all. Please be sure to prepare your own.) 6. When entering the store, use the alcohol disinfectant solution provided at each seat. Be sure to disinfect your hands Thank you. 7. There is no parking lot or bicycle parking lot available. Please refrain from visiting the store by car or bicycle. However, since it is a corona disaster, if you want to avoid moving by crowded vehicles such as trains, please look for a toll parking lot near the store, park there, and park your bicycle. 8. Our shop Completely non-smoking Please note that.



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