Book at Wagyu steak and Shark fin Ramen "Hohobare" Produced by Ishigaki Yoshida

Michelin star acquisition 【Ishigaki Yoshida】 Branch restaurant.

ISHIGAKI YOSHIDA, which has been selected as 1 Star Michelin Restaurant TEPPAN-YAKI division in three consecutive years, has opened a restaurant, HOHOBARE, in Naha, Okinawa. Junichi Yoshida, who is the owner-chef of the restaurant and a certified Wagyu master of Japan Teppanyaki Association, always presents the best Wagyu steak and relaxing restaurant atmosphere to all guests. Not only dishes, guests could also enjoy the works of Okinawa artists, tableware and glasses, in the restaurant.
YAEYAMA WAGYU has been used in the menu. It processes with the pedigree of Tajima beef cattle. A strong umami flavor of red meat, and light and high-quality fat are the characteristics of the wagyu. Because of the excellent pedigree, strong umami flavor can be tasted after simple cooking. Moreover, only rare heifers would be selected as YAEYAMA WAGYU. Compared to castrated beef, heifers' meat is softer. Guests can enjoy the special soft texture of YAEYAMA WAGYU in the restaurant.

The most popular and famous menu in the restaurant. Wagyu steak would be slowly cooked for a long time and finished by the high temperature of charcoal. This special cooking technique was started by the owner-chef, Junichi Yoshida. It could prevent the loss of gravy and keep the steak in delicious condition as much as possible. Also, the original technique delivers a unique texture and special umami of Wagyu to all guests.

Special menu for HOHOBARE. SOBA in ramen is made from Okinawa wheat. The SOBA with thick shark fins has created a new fashion in Okinawa.

3-8-2 Kumoji, Naha-city, 900-0015, Okinawa
*15 minutes by car from Naha Airport
【HOHOBARE Okinawa】


If you have any allergic ingredients, please be sure to fill them out. Since the dishes are set menus, we cannot prepare different ingredients, but we will cook while paying attention to the ingredients management.
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