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[Reservations and seating]
●Please take off your shoes and go up the stairs to the second floor seats.
We have a tatami room with tables and chairs.
Please contact us if you are using a wheelchair or have difficulty climbing stairs.
We do not have private rooms, so please contact us if you would like to reserve the entire restaurant.

●Reservations for children:
If you are 13 years old or older, please order the Kaiseki course meal.
We have a children's menu for children 12 years old and under.
Please let us know your age and allergies in advance.

●We do not have a parking lot, so please use the nearby paid parking lot.
We will give you a discount coupon only for the "Omotesando Monzen Parking Lot", which is affiliated with Patio Daimon.

●Web reservations are accepted until 5:00 p.m. the day before.
For reservations after that, please contact us by phone.
Due to the preparation of ingredients, we do not accept reservations on the day, either online or by phone.

●If you are unable to select the date, time, or number of people you would like, please contact the store directly.

●If we are unable to contact you after 30 minutes of your reservation time, we may be forced to cancel your reservation.
Please be sure to contact us if you are going to be late.

●Please note that the menu may change depending on the availability of ingredients.

[Business hours]
Lunch: 12:00 - 15:00 (Approximately 1.5 hours required)
Dinner: 18:00 - 22:00 (Approximately 2.5 hours required)
Our menu is designed to allow you to enjoy your meal at your own pace.
Please allow plenty of time to leave.

Credit cards and QR payments are accepted.
Payments under 10,000 yen must be made in cash.
Please refrain from individual payments.

TEL 026-219-2654
It may be difficult to get through during business hours.
Thank you for your understanding.
12 years and under
5 years and under


Please let us know the details of your allergies, including those of your companions.
We may not be able to accommodate requests on the day.
Example: You: No raw fish (cooked is OK), broth is OK
Companion: Women, no meat, extracts OK, eggs (cooked is OK)
If you do not have any, please write "None".
Please select how you found out about our store
※Please enter your prefecture (or country) and whether you will be visiting the store.
Example: Nagano Prefecture, Nagano City Yes
    : Taiwan No

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