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* This site is the best way to make reservations for L'Alliance. * The best way to use the member system " Kaguraza Card " (no admission fee, no annual membership fee, points 5% ~) Customers are kindly requested to present their card or official app at the time of payment. * Private rooms will be provided free of charge for the following customers・ Customers who are “Kaguraza Card” members (reservation required for dinner only) ・ Customers who come to the store with 4 or more adults (using the course) Other than the above If you wish to have a private room, you will be charged an additional 10,000 yen as a room charge. * Free private room benefits can be used except for special business days (Christmas, events) set by our shop. Please contact us for details. * Please contact us directly by phone for reservations for 11 people or more, and for changes or cancellations of reservations on the day of your visit. * Customers with food allergies will be notified in the request column. Please. We will do our best to accommodate you. * Please refrain from entering the store with extremely rough clothes. ▼ Regarding reservations ▼ ◇ Automatic confirmation email after the reservation is completed using the reservation form and the day before your visit. I will send it. If you do not receive the automatic reply email within 10 minutes after completing your reservation, please contact us by phone during business hours. ◇ When using a free e-mail address Confirmation e-mail may be sorted to the junk e-mail folder depending on the security settings.
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