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Please read carefully.
Please read the notes carefully and make reservations only after you understand the terms and conditions.
We only accept reservations for lunch and dinner for the omakase menu priced at 6930 yen (tax included).

Please note that we only accept reservations for dinner and lunch.
We only serve "Omakase (nighttime omakase) 6930 yen (tax included)" by the chef.
If you make a reservation, only the "night omakase" of 6930 yen (tax included) will be available.
If you wish to order the lunch omakase of 3850 yen (tax included), which is available only during weekday lunch hours, please come directly to the restaurant. (Reservations cannot be made for the 3850 yen omakase.)

We will serve omakase for elementary school students and older.
We will prepare seats and dishes for the number of people who have made reservations.

If you cancel on the day of the reservation or change the number of people, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 6930 yen per person for the cost of the meal.

Please cancel by yourself.
If you wish to change your reservation, please cancel it once and then make a new reservation.
5 years and under


Please indicate any food allergies.

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