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business hours lunch All days 11:00~16:00 (LO 15:00) *Seating time is 2 hours. *A separate "FIELD CHARGE" of 330 yen will be charged in addition to the meal price. In addition to using the money to maintain the grounds, a portion of the money will be donated to a fund to protect Hokkaido's natural environment. dinner course Starts at 19:00 Limited to 10 people each time (reservations required at least 3 days in advance) *Optional sauna: It is possible to use the sauna before dinner. *Please order separately. (Sauna 17:00-18:45) *Please be punctual. We cannot extend your time even if you are late. rental sauna Tent sauna is an optional plan only for customers who dine. (You cannot use the sauna only.) *Depending on the day of the week and time, you can choose to eat before or after the sauna. ①10:00-12:00 (all business days → meal after sauna) ②12:30-14:30 (all business days → choose either before or after sauna) ③15:00-17:00 (all business days →Meal before sauna) *Meals and sauna must be booked separately. Please choose a sauna time of your choice from ① to ③ and make a separate reservation for a meal before or after that time. Please check the Instagram calendar for business days. *For same-day reservations or any questions, please contact us by phone. TEL 011-581-1100 ■Address Our restaurant's address is not disclosed. Enter the coordinates below into Google Maps and the route will be displayed. "42°59'13.9"N 141°21'38.6"E" Please see the website access for details. Detailed directions can be found in the Instagram Stories archive. ■Please see the website for notes regarding reservations. ■Cancellation Policy A credit card is required when making reservations for daytime BBQ, dinner, and sauna. For cancellations, 50% will be charged up to 3 days before, 80% on the day before, and 100% on the day. ■About reservations and questions If you have any requests or concerns , please contact us by email or phone in advance. 📤:
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