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From July 2020, we renovated and started cooking using wood fire. There are some changes from the previous business form. Even if you haven't come before the renovation, please check the following items.


■ All customers will be seated at the L-shaped counter seats, and cooking will start all at once. Please enter the store at least 5 minutes before the start time.

Starts at 12:00 noon (enters 11:45) / Starts at 18:30 at night (enters 18:15)

■ It takes two and a half to three hours to eat.

■ If you cannot contact us after 15 minutes of the start time, we may be unavoidably canceled. If you are late, please be sure to contact us. We serve freshly cooked rice according to the time you enter the store. Please note that we will not be able to prepare if you are late.


■ We accept reservations by phone on the same day two months in advance, and online reservations up to 60 days in advance. Online reservations are not accepted for the last 3 days. Please check by phone. In any case, please make a reservation by the day before the reservation date.

■ Up to 8 people can be booked online.

■ We keep credit card information for reservations. Payment will be accepted locally on the day of the event. Either cash or card is acceptable. The card information you keep will be deleted after you leave the store or cancel it.

■ We do not support changing the number of people or schedule by phone or email. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please cancel your reservation and try again.

<About small children>

Customers over 6 years old can enter the store. However, we do not allow customers who do not eat meals to enter the store. We will contact you by phone regarding the contents of your child's dishes. In the case of charter, there is no age limit, so please use it with your family.

<About taxi and substitute drive service>

Please let us know when you come to the store. We will arrange it here. Please note that there are few taxi companies, so you may have to wait just before.

Nawaya [Official Homepage] Kyotango Japanese Cuisine For other questions, please contact the following address. We look forward to welcoming you.


If you have any allergic ingredients, please write them down. * Please enter the names of the ingredients one by one. * Please note that you may not be able to change the ingredients on the day if you do not fill in the ingredients.

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