At NINJA TOKYO, you can enjoy the world of ninja while dining a course meal.

You can see the Access Guide from the URL below.

■ Closed on Sunday and Japan's National Holidays.
Children are limited at least 6 years of age to come in and for reservations.
■ Up to 10 persons can be reserved
■ No waiting list
■ 10% entertainment service charge will be added.

Regular courses must be chosen only one menu to the entire group.
■ Reservations might be canceled for the case of choosing multiple regular menus.
■ Please order the same regular menu for everyone unless you require special courses such as 'Vegetarian' or 'Shinobi'.
Course meals must be ordered for everyone.
■ We regret canceling reservations if not having sufficient course meal orders.
■ Unable to respond for severe allergies specially for gluten and nuts due to safety reasons.
■ Normal soy sauce used in base of cooking cannot be removed.
■ Unable to respond to Halal food.

★ 50% of total order amount will be charged for cancellation 3 days prior to the reservation date.
★ 100% of total order amount will be charged for cancellation or any changes from 5:00pm the day before the reservation date.
★ Excluding only the cases of natural disasters and catastrophes.
★ Reasons for transportation delays or cancellations, or personal reasons are not excused.
★ Please arrive on time for your appointment. Late arrivals may result in cancellation of your reservation.

★ Reservations are not prepaid.
★ Meal fees will be paid on-site on the day.
★ We are not able to deduct meal fee from deposit.
★ Deposit is required to guarantee a reservation and also prevent cancellations specified in our cancellation policy.
★ We apply for deposit refunding to TableCheck after your dining & payment. According to TableCheck, at leaset a month may take for further money transactions especially for overseas. Periods actually taken vary depending on banks or credit card companies.

Credit cards are recommended to register refundable deposit when booking. Using debit function will result in a temporary double payment. More information is in the following URL:

■ If reservations have any problems, you will receive emails directly from NINJA TOKYO.
■ Questions can be written in the request box of your reservation. Or, available to email us to consult:

Please read the entire summary above. In particular, the following issues require your consent. Please double check.
・ Age Limits for Children
・ Course menu orders
・ Policy for Severe allergies
・ Cancellation policy
・ Payment and Deposit
・ Caution to Debit function
12 years and under


■Do you have any food items that you are not allowed to eat?
■Please provide details of the food items that you are not allowed to eat.
●Please consult us such as in case of allergies. Replacement dishes are at the decision of our chefs.
●Not acceptable to respond to severe allergies, as we place the highest priority on the safety of our guests.
●Unable to remove "soup stocks of onions or garlic" or seasonings such as "soy sauce" or "peppers".
●For gluten-free request, we omit breads and noodles to serve. Please note that we are unable to provide meals if guests are not allowed to eat soy sauce.
■For the your celebration dinner, you can request a message card (330yen).
If you wish this, in the reqest box below, please compose a short phrase for your message to fit a small card .

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