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<Room Selection>
You can choose the room type when making a reservation.
・If you have a specific room type in mind, please select from the categories.
・Selecting a category with the [💰 symbol] incurs a charge fee.
・If you choose [No Preference], we will provide the most suitable room based on the number of guests. There will be no additional charges in such cases.

<Additional Charge>
We kindly request a charge fee for the concept rooms marked with the [💰 symbol] below.
・プロジェクター💰 / Projector Room 💰: 3,000 yen
・サラウンドルーム💰 / Soundproof Room 💰: 3,000 yen
・🚭フラットタイプ💰 / 🚭 Flat Type 💰: 2,000 yen
・フラット/お祝いルーム💰 / Flat/Celebration Room 💰: 2,000 yen
・75㌅モニター💰 / 75cm Monitor 💰: 2,000 yen
・プレミアムモディス / Premium Mode: Please check the rates here.

<Concept Room Satisfaction Guarantee>
Our concept rooms come with a Satisfaction Guarantee System.
If you are not satisfied with your experience, we will refund the charge fee.
※For more information on charge fees and the satisfaction guarantee, please click here.

<Regarding Smoking>
In accordance with the regulations for preventing passive smoking, we operate under the following guidelines:
・Traditional Cigarettes: Only allowed in designated smoking rooms.
・Electronic/Heated Cigarettes: Allowed in designated smoking rooms or smoking areas.
※ Smoking is not permitted in non-smoking rooms (🚭).

<Other Notices>
Click here for room introductions.
Click here for frequently asked questions (Q&A).
・For business inquiries, please contact the store directly at the provided toll-free number.
  0120-759-418 (Mobile phone accessible)

<Introduction to Affiliated Stores>
Located on the 2nd floor of the same building! Superb private rooms with VIP treatment and karaoke in every room!
"Premium Karaoke MODIS Ginza"
12 years and under
5 years and under


Dear customers of Pasela
■Regarding Concept Room Additional Charges

【Flat Sheet Room: ¥2,000 per room (tax included)】
【Celebration Deco Flat Room: ¥2,000 per room (tax included)】
【Projector Room: ¥3,000 per room (tax included)】
【5.1ch Surround Room: ¥3,000 per room (tax included)】
【75cm Monitor Room: ¥2,000 per room (tax included)】
If you wish to reserve any of the above rooms, please note that there will be an additional charge as mentioned. Kindly confirm your understanding.

Please be aware that if you do not agree to the additional charge, we will not be able to accommodate your request for the desired room, and you will be allocated a standard room instead.

Furthermore, even if you agree to the additional charge, if you have not selected a specific room type, you will be allocated a standard room.

※ The availability of portable projectors is limited, and depending on the reservation status, they may not be available for rental. Please understand this in advance.
※ For customers using Modis, please select "Yes."
For customers who wish to connect their smartphones or PCs to the monitor:
Please choose the cable you would like to borrow.

※The connection methods may vary depending on the Android device model.
Since there are cases where connection may not be possible on the day of use,
we recommend using your companion's iPhone or iPad for connection or
performing a preliminary compatibility check in advance.



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