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Rooms with the 💰 icon require a separate concept charge. *Per room (not per person) ・Dual screen with darts 💰: 8,000 yen ・Dual PJ & recommended color 💰: 4,000 yen ・Projector 💰 + 3,000 yen (tax included) ・75㌅ monitor 💰 + 2, 000 yen (tax included) ・Request for premium karaoke Modis (separate fee system)
[Youth Protection and Development Ordinance (Tokyo)] We operate in accordance with laws and ordinances.・Customers under the age of 18 cannot enter (use) the store from 22:00 to 5:00 the next day, even if accompanied by a guardian.・After 18:00, customers of high school age and younger are asked to be accompanied by a guardian.・After 18:00, customers wearing uniforms may be asked to show their ID. In addition, according to the self-regulation of the Karaoke Security Association, even high school students and 18 years old or older are not allowed to enter the store after 22:00. (Based on the end of March after the graduation ceremony.)



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