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<Regarding room selection> You can choose the room type when you make a reservation.・If you have a preference for a room type, please select it from the category .・If you select a category with [💰 mark], you will be charged a charge fee.・If you select [Not specified], we will prepare the most suitable room according to the number of guests. There is no additional charge for this. <Regarding the charging fee> A charging fee will be charged for concept rooms with the [💰 mark] below.・Dual screen with darts 💰: 8,000 yen ・Dual PJ & recommended color 💰: 4,000 yen ・Projector 💰: 3,000 yen ・75㌅ monitor 💰: 2,000 yen increase. Click here for the rate system for regular use of Modis <About the concept room satisfaction guarantee> For the concept room Satisfaction guarantee system There is If you are not satisfied, we will refund the charge. * Click here for information on charging fees and satisfaction guarantee <Regarding cigarettes> We will operate as follows in accordance with the passive smoking prevention ordinance.・Paper cigarettes: Only available in smoking rooms ・Electronic/Heated cigarettes: Available only in smoking rooms or smoking rooms *Both are not available in non-smoking rooms (🚭). <Enjoy discounts by registering as a member> Coupons that can be used from the day of use are distributed. We recommend that you register as a member before visiting. Click here for membership registration <Other information>Click here for Pasela's top brand "Modis" ・Click here for room introduction page ・Click here for FAQ Q&A
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Rooms with the 💰 icon require a separate concept charge. *Per room (not per person) ・Dual screen with darts 💰: 8,000 yen ・Dual PJ & recommended color 💰: 4,000 yen ・Projector 💰 + 3,000 yen (tax included) ・75㌅ monitor 💰 + 2, 000 yen (tax included) ・Request for premium karaoke Modis (separate fee system)

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