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▶If you have any food allergies and/or dietary requirements, please do not hesitate to notify us at the time of booking.
▶Minimum of 2 people per group.
▶Children: Small children are accepted but seats must be booked. We do not offer children's menu. If your child requires a seat, you'll need to book just as if you would do for an adult. For the meal, if you can request at the time of booking, the chef can prepare all grilled items (cooked version of the course without raw food such as sashimi). Our portions are not large so usually adults can help finish children's food if they can't finish.
▶Infants: Every seat needs to be booked and paid for. We do not have any child or baby chair so if you don’t book/pay for a seat for an infant, this means we’ll need to ask you to have your infant sit on your lap throughout the course of your meal. Please indicate these details ("We have a XX month-old infant who will sit on the lap of an adult and does not require a seat/course") at the time of online booking.
▶Our Soba Kaiseki meals are 2-hour courses for both lunch and dinner. Start times are 12:00 (lunch) and 19:00 (dinner) only.
▶We are a very small restaurant with only 12 x counter seats and 4 x table seats. If counter seats cannot be selected, this means only table seats are left.
▶Please note that the restaurant is closed on Wednesdays & Thursdays from December to March; and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from April to November.
▶We are closed between Jan 1st - 4th 2024 due to local fish markets being closed. We are also closed April 1 - May 2, 2024.
▶All prices shown include 10% service charge and consumption tax (10%).
▶Corkage fee for wine or sake is 6,050JPY (incl. service charge & tax).
▶Please be advised that the menu price increase from 16,940 to 19,360 JPY (from Dec 1, 2023) will take effect. Thank you for your understanding.
100% within 14 days of the reservation date.
This applies when reducing the number of the party and the cancellation fee will be charged at the restaurant on the booking day.
If you don't show up within 15 minutes of your reservation time, we will consider it as cancellation and a 100% cancellation fee is charged. Your seats may be given away to another party. We won't be able to serve you if you arrive more than 15 minutes late. Our Kaiseki course served at our small restaurant with just one counter is such that the chef prepares and serves everyone at the same time in a meticulous style with a carefully crafted flow of the course. We appreciate your understanding with punctuality.


▶Please specify number of children (under 12 years old) and their age (e.g.: "2 x children 3 & 5yo"). Seats for children must be booked.
▶Please specify any allergy/dietary requirement (e.g.: "2 x vegetarian") . Gluten-free/vegetarian/pescatarian/vegan meals available upon request. Kindly note soba allergy cannot be accommodated. Soba (buckwheat) is a naturally gluten-free food.
▶Please specify the number of Duck Soba noodles required (e.g.: "2 x duck soba"). Standard Soba noodles in the course can be upgraded to Duck Soba noodles (cold soba noodles and warm duck soup) for an additional fee of 1,000 JPY pp.
Please inform us of your hotel in NISEKO and reservation name.

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