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★Closed: Every Tuesday *Open on public holidays★For customers coming by car, our affiliated parking lot is Yokohama Chinatown Parking, ☎045-662-1402 We will give you a 30-minute service voucher for every 2,500 yen spent (up to a maximum of 2 hours and 30 minutes) ★We cannot cancel course meals after you arrive, so please contact us before you arrive★We prepare seats according to the number of people booked, and floors etc. are left to our discretion. If you have a preferred floor, please write it in the request column. ======================================================================================== ◆Reservations for open seating on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are as follows. [2-hour system] · Lunchtime 11:00-15:00 (last order for course meals at 14:00) Reservation acceptance hours ①11:00- ②11:30- ③13:00- ④13:30- · Dinnertime Last entry at 17:00-20:00, last order at 20:30, closes at 21:30 (last order for course meals at 19:30 and last drink order at 21:00) Reservation acceptance hours ①17:00- ②17:30- ③19:00- ④19:30- ★We can accept reservations for seats only for up to 80 people for both lunch and dinner, after which reservations will be for course meals★Course orders are only reflected for adults, so if you would like your children to order a course meal as well, please let us know in the request box. == ... [Regarding the use of private rooms] ◆We accept reservations for groups of 5 adults or more. (A separate 10% service charge will be applied) Please contact us directly for parties of 20 or more. *On weekends, national holidays, and busy periods (e.g. year-end party season), we ask that you order a course in advance for private rooms (excluding children). *On weekdays only, if you wish to order a la carte, a private room fee will be charged in addition to the service charge. *For parties of 5 or more, the fee is 3,000 yen per room, 4,000 yen for 4 people, 5,000 yen for 3 people, and 6,000 yen for 2 people.
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