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【Shop hours】
Weekends and National Holidays

▶︎Our private rooms are not complete. They are walled with next to the rooms, but ceiling sections are connecting because of air conditioning.

〇 Limitation your table time is available for 2 hours. (Lunch time: 1.5 h)
〇 Please order one Mizutaki per person. (Ages 12 and over)
◯Private rooms are available for ordering course menu. We lead the way to the table seat if ordering just the Mizutaki.
◯Please call us if ordering just the Mizutaki
◯There are no our restaurant parkings. Please use coin parking lots near our restaurant.

◯ We are sorry we may not be able to respond to your seats' request.

In the event of cancellation or change in number of people, 100% of the reservation price will be charged as a cancellation fee starting 24 hours before the reservation time.Please contact us by the previous day for cancellations and changes the number of people.

Your reservation will be automatically canceled if delaying 15 minutes or more from the reservation time without contacting us.
◯ The reservation completion email will be sent to your email. Please click the link in the email text if canceling or changing your reservation.

href=""target="_blank"> ★Here is the website for Toriden special backorders★ 
12 years and under
5 years and under


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