Reservar en Bistro Vino Roppongi

【Notice of business resumption】

Thank you for waiting!
We will resume business from 10/1 (Fri)!

【Regarding business hours & liquor provision rules, etc.】

* With the "rebound prevention measures" for the new coronavirus measures
During the following period, we will shorten the business hours and set restrictions on the provision of alcoholic beverages.

2021/10/1 (Fri) -10/24 (Sun)

① Business hours
11: 00-21: 00 (L.O 20:00)

② Regarding the provision of alcoholic beverages
Alcohols will be served until 20:00.

③ Other
・As a general rule, up to 4 people per group can enter the store.
* If more than 5 people enter the store, the table will be divided.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Thank you.

▶Seating is limited to 2 hours.
▶ The Chef’s Table is a communal table. Bookings are received from 1 to 10 persons to share. If you wish to book this table for a private group for less than 10 people, please contact the bistro directly.
▶Children are always welcome. Please enter the number of children and their ages in the Request column so we can properly accommodate your party.
▶ All reservations are held for up to 15 minutes after your reservation time. If you fail to contact the bistro before this time the reservation will be cancelled.
▶Please contact the bistro directly when booking groups of more than 11 people.


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