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“Chotto” (a bit of) Chanterelles
While the state of emergency has been declared, we would like to introduce an additional short course offered only at dinner time so that you can enjoy a pleasant meal in a limited time.
This is a course where you can sellect some of your favorite dishes from the usual Chanterelles full course of 10,000 yen.
Basically, it is a system called “menu au choix” where you can select 3 or more items of the same items in a group.
You can select only the appetizer, or you can skip dessert coffee.
You will be charged only for dishes you select.
The price range for this short course is from 6,000 yen.
Of course, those who want to enjoy the full course are also welcome.
If you would like a full course meal, please come to the restaurant at 17:30.
The last entry will be at 18:30 and the closing will be at 20:00.
Open at 17:30 for dinner only on weekdays.
During weekdays, we will open at 17:30 for dinner only and during weekends, we will open at 12:00 for lunch and re-open at 17:30 for dinner.
Weekdays (Open at 17:30 for Dinner)
- “Chotto” Chanterelles: 6,000+ yen
- Full course (starts from 17:30): 10,000 yen
Weekends (Open at 12:00 for Lunch and 17:30 for Dinner)
- Lunch Full course (starts from 12:00): 7,000 yen or 10,000 yen
- “Chotto” Chanterelles: 6,000+ yen
- Full course (starts from 17:30): 10,000 yen
We will continue to maintain the social distance and set up partitions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease.
All our staff will do our best to make you happy and enjoy our foods and services.
We appreciate your continued support for Chanterelle.

Yusuke Nakada


■We ask all customers at the same table to choose the same course, in principle.
■If you have 3 or more guests, please select a course menu before your visit.
■Please contact us directly if you have more than 5 guests.
■We would like to respond to the needs of each guest as much as possible, so we would appreciate it if you could let us know in advance any food allergies, unpleasant ingredients, and/or quantity of your preferences.
■Children under the age of 12 may not use our restaurant.
■Message plates can be prepared for birthday, anniversary or any celebration, so please contact us.


Weak food ingredients, customers with allergies, please fill out.
If you request an anniversary plate please enter a message in the request column.
※ We will rewrite the meaning of 「Happy Birthday ●●●」 「Happy Wedding ●●●」 to French and we will be prepared.
※ Please name the alphabet.

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