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【About business hours and alcohol provision】
■ Business hours until 31st of October are as follows;
 ・Lunch :11:30~15:00(L.O 14:00)
 ・Dinner:17:00~21:00(L.O 20:00)
  ※Alcohol will be served until 20:00.
■ Business hours before 1st of November are as follows;
 ・Lunch :11:30~15:00(L.O 14:00)
 ・Dinner:18:00~22:00(L.O 21:00)
■ When alcohol is served, we will guide up to 4 people per table. Please note that if there are more than 5 people, we will guide you at 2 tables.
■ Please note that we may be closed or changed business hours in a hurry in the future.

【About terrace seats】
Please note that, we do not accept reservations or requests for the terrace seats.
■The terrace seats are a space that customers who have eaten at the restaurant can use before and after meals.
■If you wish to use the terrace, please ask to the staff when on the day.
■Please note that, If rainy or strong winds, can not be used there.

[About reservation]
■ Temporarily, We will take a reservation up to 8 people.
■ For reservations for 7 to 8 people, we will invited into 2 tables.
■ Seat reservations are only available for customers using meals.
■ We will not accepts reservations for bar and light meal.
■ Please note that the seat selection may not be subject to your request.
■ If you have any allergy or poor food ingredients, please fill in the request column.

【Age restriction for children】
■ Children of dinner time will be at least elementary school students.
■ There is no age limit at lunch time.

【Dress Code】
■ Lunch:No flip flaps are allowed.
■ Dinner:Smart casual dress code applies. No flip flaps, sports clothes including shorts, or tank tops are allowed.

[About cancellation]
■ Since there are people waiting for the seat on the day, in case of cancellation please contact us as soon as possible.
■ If you do not receive a message after 30 minutes of reservation time, we may be forced to treat you as cancellation. If you are late please contact us.

【About accompanying pets】
■ We can not accept pets including outdoor terrace seats.
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