Prenota a Family Buffet - AoAwo Naruto Resort

▶ It is non-smoking in all rooms. ▶ The indicated fee includes consumption tax and service charge. ▶ Guests using the accommodation plan with dinner must apply from "【dinner included staying plan】 seat only". ▶ The picture is an image. Menu contents and prices are subject to change without notice. ▶ If you have allergic ingredients etc, please tell us in advance. ▶ If you can not communicate after 30 minutes of reservation time we may be forced to treat as cancellation. If you are late, please be sure to contact us and confirm availability before use. ▶ As for the seat selection, we may not be able to accommodate your request. ▶ Please contact directly to restaurant reservation reception when booking more than 15 people. Inquiries by phone: Restaurant reservation reception 088-687-2913 (10: 00 ~ 18: 00)
75 anni e oltre
12 anni e meno
5 anni e meno


Children of infants are also prepared for the seat. Children up to 5 years old (preschool children) If you have children and ages
Do you have food allergies? * If you use a buffet, please enjoy at your own discretion.
Please fill in details such as allergen ingredients other than those mentioned above, and whether there is contamination or anaphylactic shock. Please also include the subject and allergen items. (Example: 〇 ○ Taro ... 玉子 · Shrimp / ___ Hanako ... Shrimps · Buckwheat)

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