With due consideration for infection prevention, we operate restaurants and take out according to the requests of each local government.
* Alcohol is not provided due to the announcement of the state of emergency.

※Reservations on weekends and holidays will be subject to the following time restrictions.
・ 11: 00 ~ 17: 00 2 hours from the reserved time
・ 2 hours 20 minutes from the reserved time after 17:00

* Seats cannot be specified. Please note.
* When you come to the store with your pet, you are limited to the terrace seats, and if the weather is unseasonable, you may not be able to move your seats.
* Customers who wish to have open terrace seats may have to wait in bad weather such as rain or strong winds if the store is full. Please note that.
* We are limited to the area where you can visit with children.
* Preschool children can only use the service until 19:00.
* If you have children, please select the number of people according to their age.
* We do not allow strollers to be brought into the seats. We will keep it at the store entrance.
* We are very sorry, but we do not have baby chairs.
* Children can only bring baby food in a commercially available plastic container.
* 10% of Koperto [seat fee] and midnight fee after 22:00 will be charged after 17:00.
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