Tempah di The Garden Oriental Osaka

Please inform us of the purpose of the dinner party (birthday, entertainment etc.) and food allergy.
Regarding the specification of the seat, we may not be able to comply with your request.
Please note.
For more than 7 people please call us.
5 tahun dan ke bawah
2 tahun dan ke bawah


Customers with poor food and allergies should check ☑ thank you.
In the case of the course, we will change the ingredients and we will correspond individually. Please fill in the [Request column] at the bottom of the page.
(Ex.) 1 person We are poor at foreguuara with crustacea allergy (raw only).
(Ex.) 1 out of 3 nuts allergy, 1 person allergic (strawberry, peach, pear) allergy.
If you would like a message plate for celebration use or anniversary etc., please enter your message in the request column.
In addition, when you wish for a plate please be sure to choose a dessert on the day.

When you wish for a celebration cake, we will prepare a whole cake with the following sizes.
Diameter 8.5 cm 1,500 yen · 10 cm 2,000 yen · 12 cm 2,500 yen (Up to 24 cm 4,500 yen can be prepared.)
We will make this according to the number of guests.

Please note.
※ Whole cake must be requested by 3:00p.m. on the day before.
※ For the dinner time on December 23rd 24th 25th, we do not accept order of cake.
※ When ordering a cake on Wednesday, please note that it will be accepted by Monday 3p.m. (Because we close on Tuesdays)
* If you choose both course and cake, we will prepare a cake by exchanging with the course's dessert.
※ Message plate filling example: "Happy Birthday ●●●" "Happy Wedding ●●●"
There is no character restriction. Please let us know the details of your request.
We have prepared a child's chair that he or she can use from 1 year old.
When you are with a child, you can choose to have a seat with your own stroller or a child chair.

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