Reserve em Genyadana Hamadaya

□Please contact via Email for the reservation with more than 6 people.
□Please inform the purpose of use (birthday, reception) and food allergy of the meal.
□The use of families with children is only on Saturday at lunchtime
◆Please fill in the children’s meal have or not.
◆Please fill in the whole number of people for reservation except the baby
□The service fee (Lunch time 15% / Dinner time 20%) and a consumption tax is added to the price.
□Please send Email to make a reservation via Email. ( in case more than 9 people.


Kindly inform that we accept the inquiry in English via an email only
As an option, You can enjoy Geisha entertainment with additional fee.
This is information about Geisha entertainment
The Geisha provides entertainment to guests by traditional elegance dancing to the live music of shamisen or playing game.

1Shamisen player & 1Geisha ¥109,000 2hours.
1Shamisen player & 2Geisha ¥161,000 2hours.
1Shamisen player & 3Geisha ¥213,000 2hours.

 *Additional charge for every 30mimutes is 9,000JPY per Geisha.
 *10%consumption tax will be charged.
 *Please note that we might not be able to arrange depends on the booking condition.
If you have allergies or food you can not eat, please be sure to fill in here.
Please enter 'no' if you don't.

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