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■■■Notice of business hours■■■ ★★The long-awaited lunch service starts from July 1st! ! ★★ Lunch12:00-15:00CL (14:00LO) Dinner18:00-22:00CL (21:00LO) For the time being, the normal business hours for Dinner will be changed as follows. 17:30Open-21:00Close (20:00LastOrder) ▶You will not be able to specify your seat. Please note. ▶If we cannot contact you within 30 minutes of your scheduled reservation time, we may have to cancel your reservation, so please be sure to contact us if you will be late. ▶Please note that the contents of the displayed menu are subject to change without notice. For inquiries by phone: 045-222-0121
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▶Do you have any food allergies? If you wish to handle allergies in your meal, please fill in as much detail as possible in the answer column below. ① Specific allergens and ingredients that cannot be eaten ② Degree of elimination of ① (whether seasonings and soup stock can be used) ③ Number of customers who wish to respond to allergies Allergens may remain in the cleaning process of equipment, etc. In addition, there is a high possibility that allergens will be mixed in during the processing and cooking process, so please understand in advance that the dishes we provide are not completely allergy-friendly menus. If contamination is not possible, please let us know from the request column. * Basically, we can only change for customers with allergies. Thank you for your understanding. * After the reservation is completed, the store may contact you for confirmation.
▶If you have a request for a message plate, please fill in the message content and quantity here. Also, if you do not need a message plate for your celebration, please let us know [Not required].
▶ Reservations made through this site are not eligible for WOH points. ▶ Dress code is smart casual. Please refrain from wearing sleeveless clothing such as sandals, yukata/jinbei, work clothes, men's knee-length shorts or tank tops. Thank you for your understanding.

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