Забронируйте в meli melo -Yuki No Koe / Setsu Niseko

At méli mélo -Yuki No Koe-, we offer French and Italian cuisine celebrating Hokkaido's superb ingredients.
Locally sourced vegetables, meat and seafood are prepared with a sophisticated art of cooking that evokes the taste of freshness and stimulates the senses, bringing you closer to nature of Niseko.

For reservations of 10 or more people, a deposit is required.
We will contact you by e-mail regarding the payment method.
Please contact us directly to the following information.
Phone:0136-55-7884 Email:melimelo@ins-company.co.jp

We are open everyday until Monday 6th of May 2024. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Cafe/Bar)
***7th is only open for the breakfast

Please note that we will be closed for the building maintenance from May 8 to May 23.
12 лет и младше
6 лет и младше


【Allergie / Dietary】
If you have any special requests including allergies, please do not hesitate to
contact us.
If you notify us on the day of your reservation, we may not be able to change the ingredients.
We are asking about your accommodation.
If you are staying in a location other than Setsu Niseko, please enter your accommodation in the other column.
【Children's chair】
Will you use a child's chair?
If you need more than 3 highchairs, please enter the required number in the other column.

*The number of chairs for children is limited.
Please note that we may not be able to provide the number you request.

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