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- Menus and prices may change without prior notice. Images are for illustration purposes only.

- Table requests are subject to availability.

- For customers availing applicable discounts such as membership discounts, kindly indicate the discount in the request column.

-If a private room is used, a private room fee of 5,000 yen for lunch and 7,000 yen for dinner will be charged.

- Other promotions, discounts or benefits may not be applicable. Please note that the offer may not be combined with other discounts.

- Please call us if you will be late by more than 15 minutes; otherwise, we cannot guarantee your seat.

- Smoking is prohibited inside the store.

Inquiries by phone: 06-6646-5127
Inquiries by email: hanagoyomi.osaka@swissotel.com
12 лет и младше
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If you have any ingredients that you dislike or are allergic to, please write them down.
Recommended for birthdays and anniversaries.
※※If you would like to order a chocolate plate, please select from the options below and write your message in the "Other" column.※※
2 glasses of recommended sake (champagne glasses 90ml x 2) available for 1,800 yen. If you are placing an order, please enter the number of orders in the other fields.

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