Забронируйте в TREE by NAKED yoyogi park

Regarding dinner course reservations
■Available days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Closed Sundays)
*Reservations can be made between 2 months~2 days before of your scheduled visit.
■Time: Open 18:45 / Course begins 19:00 / End 21:00
■Price: 39,600 yen per pax (tax & service charge incl.)

To see the latest menus and course details, please visit TREE by NAKED's official Instagram.

[Countermeasures against infectious diseases]
At our store, we are continuing to conduct measures to ensure a hygienic environment for the wellbeing of our customers.


Please list any allergies you have (e.g. egg, wheat, dairy, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, peanuts).

We may be able to accommodate to other dietary restrictions, however, please note that we do not offer ingredient substitutes, and the alternative may affect the immersive art experience.

Please contact us regarding any further questions or requests.
Where did you hear about us?
*Check all that apply.

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