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★ Take-out reservation started ★ Click here for take-out reservation 👈 January 2021 Experience course business day notice January 15 (Friday) Dinner course only Open January 16 (Saturday) Lunch course, dinner course business January 22 (Fri) Dinner course only open January 23 (Sat) Lunch course, dinner course open January 29 (Fri) Dinner course only open January 30 (Sat) Lunch course, dinner course open Lunch course 12:30 Start ~ 14:00 Dinner course 18: 00 Start ~ 19: 30 [TREE by NAKED Diffusion Prevention Guidelines] ①Limited number of reservations 1 day limited Lunch 2 groups Night 2 groups only ②Date restrictions Weekly Friday and Saturday only ③Customer's physical condition ④ Temperature measurement before coming to the store, hand washing and disinfection at the time of arrival, wearing a mask when moving ⑤ Offering services and productions that prioritize hygiene measures Prior approval for style changes ⑥ Social distance during your stay Securing The above guidelines will be implemented for all customers who visit our store. In addition, we may cancel your reservation in advance if a new request for self-restraint or establishment of guidelines is made by the government or local government. 【Dress code】 Please refrain from entering the store in extremely casual light clothing such as shorts and sandals. We may refuse to enter the store. 【Parking Lot】 There is no parking lot. Please use the nearby pay parking lot. Alcohol is not provided to those who come by car. [Cigarette] Our shop is completely non-smoking. There is no smoking space. [Admission restrictions] Children: 13 years old and over (junior high school students and above) Pets: Prohibition (excluding service dogs for persons with physical disabilities) [Matters to leave] ・ Acts that hinder the progress of the program production ・ Acts that cause inconvenience to other customers, or if you do not follow the instructions of our staff, please leave the seat even while you are already using it. there is. Please note that refunds will not be given in that case.


If you have have any allergies in the designated 7 ingredients(egg, wheat, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, nut,milk), please fill in.

If you have other allergies and food which you prefer not to eat except the 7 ingredients, we can remove them but we cannot prepare different thins instead of them because of influence for the experience of projected images.

Please feel free to ask us if you have any question in advance.
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