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We accept reservations for CHAVATY Kyoto Arashiyama Afternoon Tea, which is held each season by reservation only.

We recommend registering for My Page at Table Check before making a reservation.

Summer Shine Afternoon Tea" ends on Tuesday, September 19.
Autumn Palette Afternoon Tea" starts on Wednesday, September 20!

※We will inform you of seasonal content changes and details on our website or Instagram.

【Requests for Reservations】

◆Reservations are accepted for "Afternoon Tea" regardless of the event.
Any seasonal changes will be announced on our official website or Instagram.
Please note that even if you make a reservation in advance, the contents may be subject to change.

◆Reservations are accepted from 2 persons per couple.
Please note that reservations cannot be made for one person or served in single portions.
Please note that we cannot accept changes on the day of your reservation.

◆Afternoon tea is for the number of persons seated. Sharing is not permitted.

◆Seating is limited to 2 hours.
Last order for refills of tea and scones is 30 minutes before the end of the meal.

Any changes in the number of people or date/time must be cancelled and rescheduled.
Please check the contents carefully before making a reservation.

◆Cancellations must be made at least 4 days in advance.

◆Please note that a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged for cancellations made 3 days prior to the reserved date, 75% for cancellations made 2 days prior to the reserved date, and 100% for cancellations made the day before or the day of the reservation.

 On the day of the event (100%)
 The day before(100%)
 2 days before(75%)
 3 days before (50%)

◆If the phone number or e-mail address provided at the time of reservation is incomplete, your reservation may be cancelled. Please make sure to enter the correct phone number and e-mail address.

◆Reservations, changes, etc. are accepted online only. We do not accept reservations by phone or inquiry form.
If a reservation becomes available due to cancellation by another customer, it will be reflected online as soon as possible. Please check the reservation site by yourself as we do not notify you.

◆Payment is made by contactless payment. After use, the amount spent will be automatically charged to the credit card you entered. Receipts can be downloaded after payment.

◆Reservation confirmation will be sent to you by automatic email. Please save the email until the day of the event.

【Requests when visiting our store】

◆Please be punctual for your visit.
Please note that we cannot extend your seating time after your reserved time.

◆If no notice is received 30 minutes after the scheduled time on the day of the appointment, the appointment will be cancelled.
Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged.

◆Please note that we cannot accept changes to reservations on the day of booking.

◆We will ask you for the name of your reservation when you visit us.

For questions and inquiries regarding reservations, please use the inquiry form on the CHAVATY website.
Please note that we do not accept inquiries at the store.
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Yêu cầu

If you are accompanied by children under the age of 7, please indicate the number of infants. *Companions aged 7 and over are included in the number of adults. *Please note that we do not have chairs for children.

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