Đặt bàn tại Take-out - パレスホテル東京

All menus except for Sweets and Beverages are suspended until further notice.

Pickup / delivery hours
11:30 am – 7:00 pm

Pre-order deadlines
● Chocolate cake (Φ18cm, 15cm, 12cm) / Marron Chantilly (Φ15cm, 12cm)
 By 10:00 am 3 days before your reservation
● Others
 By 10:00 am of the day before your reservation

Cancellations and late arrival policy
Please note that we receive 100% of your payment as a cancellation charge in the following cases.
● Cancellations after 6:00 pm 3 days before your reservation
● Arrivals more than 30 minutes past the original reserved time. (No-shows)

*We do not have any membership benefits or discounts for take-out orders.
*Please enjoy your meal within 2 hours of purchase or delivery with the exception of some products.
*Please kindly contact us in the case of 10 or more orders.

●Restaurant reservation (direct): +81 3-3211-5307 (10:00 am - 7:00 pm)

Yêu cầu

If you have any allergies, please notify us in the comment section in advance.
Please select means of pickup from the above.
If you select picking up by drive-through, we kindly ask you to inform the details of your vehicle in the REQUESTS section (vehicle type, color, licence plate number, etc.).
With the promotion of conservation activities for global resources at Palace Hotel Tokyo, we are engaged in reducing cutlery (including chopsticks and paper napkins). Please select your preference from the following.

Chi tiết Khách

Mật khẩu quá ngắn (tối thiểu 6 ký tự)
Mật khẩu quá yếu
Mật khẩu không khớp với xác nhận
Đặt bàn của bạn chưa hoàn tất cho tới khi được xác nhận ở trang kế tiếp.