Đặt bàn tại Sushi Kato Niseko

✅ In principle, we only accept "contactless payment" for payment. After your meal, just call us and your payment will be completed with the card you registered at the time of reservation . *Since contactless payment will start on November 30th, we will send a separate credit card registration link to customers who have made a reservation by then. Click here for details.

✅ Children between the ages of 7-11 can be booked. Be sure to choose a course marked "for children". We regret to inform you that we do not accept bookings for children under the age of 6. Also, 12 years old and over will be treated as adults.

✅ If SUSHI KATO Niseko Main store is fully booked, please check the reservation status of SUSHI KATO INORI store.
 For reservations at the INORI store, Here.

<Precautions when making a reservation>
A cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations made 2 days before, the day before, or on the day of the reservation. Also, if you are late for your reservation time, please be sure to contact us. If you do not show up within 15 minutes of your reservation time without contacting us, we will cancel without notice and charge 100% of the reservation amount.

Please refer to our website for other precautions.

SUSHI KATO Concierge
E-mail: concierge@sushikato.jp
LINE: https://lin.ee/fUxtRWL Tel: 050-3184-0720
Web: https://niseko.sushikato. jp/
business hours / business hours: Weekdays Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays / All days 10:00-17:00
dưới 12 tuổi

Yêu cầu

If you have any allergies or ingredients you cannot eat, please include those of your companions. If none, please write "none".
Please fill in the hotel where you are staying.

Chi tiết Khách

Mật khẩu quá ngắn (tối thiểu 6 ký tự)
Mật khẩu quá yếu
Mật khẩu không khớp với xác nhận
Đặt bàn của bạn chưa hoàn tất cho tới khi được xác nhận ở trang kế tiếp.